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Campus Phone: 724-458-2004
Campus Box: 3077
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Office Location: HAL 217-J-Right under the Psychology Department banner!
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PSYC 101 Foundations of Psychological Science: This course is designed to introduce the student to the field of psychology, which is defined as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Like other sciences, psychology seeks to explain, predict and control the events it studies. Students will be exposed to the important theories, methods, and landmark findings that have helped shape psychology as a field of inquiry. An integral focus of the course will be a consideration of how psychology can contribute to the synthesis of a consistent Christian worldview.
PSYC 209 Child Development: This course is a survey of the child development field. Students will be encouraged to develop an appreciation for the value of science for understanding children and their development. Key theories and research regarding cognition, language, attachment, moral reasoning, the effects of family and peers will be considered.
PSYC 404 Advanced Research Methods: A study of advanced research methods, including an independent research project. An IRB proposal, data collection and formal written and oral presentation of the study are required. This course meets the WI and SI requirements for psychology.
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Special topics courses are offered irregularly.: I have taught two special topics courses: During the January intersession, I have taught a seminar style course on the scientific study of sleep and dreams. The other special topics course I have taught is a seminar style course on marriage and family assessment and intervention.