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: The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education 2001 Pennsylvania Professor of the Year Professor of the Year, Grove City College, 2000 (Inaugural Award) Who’s Who in Religion in America Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers Who’s Who in America
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Campus Box: 3039
Campus Phone: 724-458-2016
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: B. A. Grove City College, Psychology, Magna Cum Laude, 1972 M. Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Church History, Summa Cum Laude, 1977 M. A. Johns Hopkins University, American History, 1979 Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, America History, 1981 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar, “Christianity and the Humanities,” Barrington College, July 1984 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar, “The Novel and American History,” Princeton University, June-August 1988 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Study Grant, “Progressivism and Democracy in America, 1900-1920,” May-June 1994
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2006: Faith and the Presidency: From George Washington to George W. Bush. Oxford University Press.
2004: With P.C. Kemeny, eds. Windows on the World: Perspectives on Philosophy, Society, and Ethics. Copley 2004
2003: “Protestant Churches and Business in the Gilded-Age America,” Theology Today, Fall, 311-331.
2003: With Peter C. Hill, “Coming to Terms with Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace.” In R. A. Giacalone and C. L. Jurkiewicz, eds., The Handbook of Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Performance. M. E. Sharpe, 231-43.
2000: The Search for Social Salvation: Social Christianity and America, 1880-1925. Lexington Books.
2000: “Evangelicals Confront Corporate Capitalism: Advertising, Consumerism, Stewardship, and Spirituality, 1880-1930,” 39-80, in More Money, More Ministry: Money and Evangelicals in Recent American History. Mark Noll and Larry Eskridge, eds. William B. Eerdmans.
1997: “Two Sides of the Evangelical Tradition: Presbyterian and Methodist Theological Education, 1900-1920” 79-102, in Theological Education in the Evangelical Tradition, D.G. Hart and R. Albert Mohler, Jr. eds. Baker Book House.
1993: “Building the Cooperative Commonwealth: Vida Scudder’s Quest to Reconcile Christianity and Socialism.” Anglican and Episcopal History 62 (Sept.), pp. 397-428.
1992: “The Gospel and Social Reform in the Progressive Era: Conservative Presbyterians and the Social Ministry of the Church.” American Presbyterians 70 (Summer), pp. 1-18
1992: “Walter Rauschenbusch and Christian Socialism” in Essays on Socialism. Louis Patsouras, ed. Mellon Research University Press, pp. 267-298
1992: “True Religion, Faithful Politics.” The Banner 127 (Feb. 3), pp. 12-14.
1991: “Reconstructing the World: Walter Rauschenbusch and Social Change.” Fides et Historia 23 (Summer), pp. 40-63.
1990: “When Stead Came to Chicago: A Controversial ‘Social Gospel Novel’ and the Chicago Civic Federation.” American Presbyterians 68 (Fall), pp. 193-205.
1990: “Charles Sheldon’s In His Steps in the Context of Religion and Culture in Late Nineteenth-Century America.” Fides et Historia 22 (Summer), pp. 47-69.
1989: Editor, God and Politics. Four Views on the Reformation of Civil Government. Presbyterian and Reformed.
1988: Associate Editor, Building a Christian Worldview. Volume 2: The Universe, Society and Ethics. Presbyterian and Reformed.
1987: “The Men and Religion Forward Movement of 1911-1912: New Perspectives on Evangelical Social Concern and the Relationship between Progressivism and Religion.” Westminster Theological Journal 49 (Spring), pp. 91-118.
1986: Associate Editor, Building a Christian Worldview. Volume 1: God, Man and Knowledge. Presbyterian and Reformed.
1985: “The Decline of the Family: Myth or Reality?” Public Policy Education Fund, Fall.
1985: “Reassessing the Relationship between Religion and Social Reform.” Christian Scholar’s Review, 4, pp. 319-334.
1985: “The Great Secularization Debate in America.” The Reformed Journal, July, pp. 15-19.
1985: “Bombs and Bread.” Presbyterian Survey, March, pp. 29-31
1985: The Seeds of Secularization: Calvinism, Culture and Pluralism in America, 1870-1915. William B. Eerdmans.
1984: “The Cross and the Social Order: Calvinist Strategies for Social Improvement, 1870-1915.” Fides et Historia 16 (Fall/Winter), pp. 35-49
1984: “The Success Syndrome.” His Magazine, June, pp. 1-4
1983: “Calvinists and Darwin, 1870-1920: Reconsiderations.” Journal of Presbyterian History 61 (Fall), pp. 335-352.
1982: “Assessing the Moral Majority.” Public Policy Education Fund, November.
1982: “Tracing the Roots of Modern Morality: Calvinists and Ethical Foundations.” Westminster Theological Journal 44 (Fall), pp. 327-351
1981: “The Spirit of Capitalism Revisited: Calvinists in the Industrial Revolution.” Journal of Presbyterian History 59 (Winter), pp. 481-497.
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: HIST 251: US Survey I; HIST 252: US Survey II; HIST 209: Renaissance and Early Modern Europe; HIST 357: Minorities in American History; HIST 349: American Religious History; HIST 390: Sports in American History; HUMA 201: Civilization and the Speculative Mind; HUMA 302: Modern Civilization in International Perspective
Travel Courses Taught Hide
: RELI 390: Studies (Israel, May 1999); RELI 390: Studies: The Reformation (Europe, May 2002); HUMA 302: Modern Civilization in International Perspective (France, June 2005); HIST 390: World Wars I and II (England, June 2005); HUMA 302: Modern Civilization in International Perspective (China, May 2006)
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: Tennis, basketball, hiking, weight lifting