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HAL 300B
Book: Everything You Know Seems Wrong: Globalization and the Relativizing of Tradition (University Press of America, 2005) http://www.univpress.com/Catalog/SingleBook.shtml?command=Search&db=^DB/CATALOG.db&eqSKUdata=0761830782
Article: "Religion and Culture: Challenges and Prospects in the Next Generation," Journal of the EvangelicalTheological Society June, 2000 (a refereed journal).
Article: "Running Ahead of God: An Exposition of Genesis 16," Bibliotheca Sacra June, 2006 (a refereed journal).
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Campus Phone: 724-458-3319
Campus Box: 3089
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Sociology of Religion: 10:00-10:50 MWF Alt Fall semesters (Fall 2006) Course Description: This course will examine religion from a sociological perspective, including such topics as sociological theories about religion, how religion affects individuals and societies, secularization and worldwide religious resurgence, effects of globalization upon religion, America's contemporary religious climate, contemporary American Evangelicalism, and the future of religion.
Social Problems: 12 noon-12:50 MWF Course Description: This course will analyze American social problems related to family, sexuality, drugs, crime, health, poverty and race, and global social problems related to gender, population, the environment, religion, war and terrorism.