Would you like to take a class that interests you but doesn't fit into your regular course load? Finish your general education requirements sooner? Lighten your regular semester course load? Get a semester's worth of instruction and earn three credits in just two weeks? Save money?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, consider signing up for a May Intersession course. Grove City College is offering 22 courses, some of them online, between May 21 and June 17. The intensive courses cover a range of subjects and academic disciplines and offer a number of advantages, including a singular focus on one class, small class sizes and the undivided attention of professors.

Intersession courses are only open to Grove City College students. Classes are held from 9 am to 2 pm, Monday through Saturday with a break for lunch. Housing is available, but if campus is close to home, you can sample the commuter lifestyle and save a couple of hundred dollars.

Registration for intersession courses is open now for seniors and juniors; sophomores can begin signing up on April 12; and freshman on April 19. Registration closes May 17. Don’t miss your chance to be part of Intersession at Grove City College. For information on how to register, visit: www.gcc.edu/registrar. To find courses and register, visit my.gcc.edu, click the Academics tab and use the Course Search Portlet to find and register for classes.

Classes offered on campus during intersession include:

  • Atoms, Molecules & Material World SCIC 203
  • Beginning Wheel Throwing ART 104 A
  • Business Statistics BUSA 201
  • Chemical Engineering Fundamentals ENGR 220
  • Civ/Literature HUMA 202
  • Civ/The Arts HUMA 301
  • Civ/Spec Mind HUMA 303
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology EXER 312
  • Foundations of Political Science POLS 101
  • General Logic PHIL 211
  • Introduction to Nutrition EXER 234
  • Life Science SCIC 202
  • Prevention/Care of Injuries EXER 251
  • Social Psychology PSYC 208
  • Study: History of Piracy HIST 390
  • Topics in Contemporary Mathematics MATH 119
  • Western Civ: Foundations HUMA 200

Online intersession courses are:

  • Adolescent Literature EDUC 228
  • Business Calculus MATH 141
  • Cost Accounting ACCT 303
  • Principals of Accounting ACCT 201
  • Writing for the Media COMM 135

Additionally, the College offers a slate of 28 online courses over the summer that share many of the advantages of Intersession offerings and allow students to earn 2 to 4 credits in just a few weeks. Early and late summer term online courses include:

  • Abnormal Psychology PSYC 312
  • Business, Ethics & Society MNGT 214
  • Business Law MNGT 303
  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy EDUC 203
  • Civ/Literature HUMA 202
  • College Physics PHYS 121
  • Creative Writing WRIT 271
  • Design History DESI 220
  • Design Software for Beginners DESI 110
  • Dietary Supplements EXER 240
  • Exercise Neurobiology EXER 24
  • Foundations of Academic Discourse WRIT 101
  • Global Business Issues INBS 305
  • Life Cycle Nutrition EXER 344
  • Mathematical Meth-Engineering ENGR 274
  • Medical Terminology EXER 215
  • Personal Finance FNCE 105
  • Pre Calculus MATH 111
  • Prevention/Treatment Chronic Disease EXER 242  
  • Principles of Accounting ACCT 202  
  • Psychology of Personality PSYC 207  
  • Study: Professional Learning Network EDUC 390
  • Western Civ: Foundations HUMA 200
  • Technical Communication WRIT 305
  • Technologies of Instruction EDUC 204  
  • Trends/Issues-Early Child Ed EDUC 343  
  • Western Civ: Foundations HUMA 200