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An important message from Student Life & Learning regarding coronavirus

Dear Campus Community,


Earlier today you received an email from President McNulty announcing the College would be moving to an online learning format that will be delivered largely to students off-campus. This online format will begin on Monday, March 23rd and run through, at least, Monday, April 13th. We recognize this sudden change is a disruption to your plans, but recent developments beyond our control have necessitated this change. This is uncharted territory for the whole of our society and I’d ask for your continued patience as we work through the many issues associated with such a shift. Please read the following important information and respond where requested.


Traveling home or requesting to stay

All undergraduates who are able to return to their homes during this period must now do so. However, we will continue to support those students who must remain in our residence halls and eat in our dining facilities. This includes international students and those with compromised home situations (medical conditions and/or illness that could prove detrimental).


We are asking students to use this form to confirm their plans. Please indicate whether you 1) have already left campus, 2) are planning to do so, or 3) have an urgent need to stay on campus. Please note that departing students may not return to campus until notified by the College to do so (no earlier than April 13th). Students should depart as soon as they are able.


Those in need of transportation to the Pittsburgh Airport should complete this form so we can appropriately schedule transportation.


For those who must stay on campus

We are asking those who stay on campus to make a conscientious decision to serve those who might be more susceptible to the coronavirus by taking on a posture of selflessness. While those who are college-aged are reportedly less impacted by illness from the virus, we are surrounded by others who may be, and students must make their decisions with a heart toward protecting the wellbeing of others. Some steps include:

  • A commitment to practicing effective social distancing (remaining three to six feet away from others) whenever possible.
  • Acting in accordance with CDC recommendations, including washing your hands frequently for 20 seconds under warm water with soap, avoiding touching your eyes, face and mouth with unwashed hands, and always covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing, sneezing or having a runny nose.
  • Staying on campus and leaving only for essential reasons (to buy groceries, etc.). Students traveling outside the Grove City area (meaning town) will not be permitted to remain on campus.
  • We are asking students who work off campus and have extensive contact with large populations of people to suspend doing so during this period of time if living on campus.
  • No visitors or guests will be allowed on campus with the exception of parents who are picking-up a son or daughter to return home.
  • Those who choose to stay on campus will not be able to travel during the Easter break unless they pack accordingly and return home to continue their studies.
  • Any student who develops “flu like” illness while on campus is asked to stay in his/her room and contact the Zerbe Health Center at 724-458-3850 to schedule an appointment. The College has protocols in place that will be initiated should the need arise.



  • A dining facility will remain open.
  • The Buhl Library and academic buildings will remain open.
  • The Zerbe Health and Wellness Center and the Counseling Center will remain open.
  • The Fitness Center (weight room and aerobic), the pool and locker rooms, and the racquetball courts will be closed.


All Students

  • Student Life will communicate when students should return and pick-up their belongs should it become necessary to extend online classes through the end of the semester.
  • Information regarding prorated College room and board charges will be forthcoming. Students and families will be contacted directly about pro-rated costs or refunds.
  • We would ask students to monitor their email while away as we will continue to communicate to both those on campus and off via email.


As you go about your daily routine, please remember your health must be a priority right now. Take care of yourselves. Take care of your family and loved ones. Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy. Practice the habits of social distancing and hygiene shown to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and be wise.


A document containing Frequently Asked Questions will be released to the campus in the very near future including guidance concerning where to direct unanswered questions. Please know we remain committed to caring well for you during this time of transition and are praying God’s blessing on you and yours.



Larry E. Hardesty
Vice President for Student Life and Learning

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