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An important message from President McNulty regarding coronavirus

Dear GCC Community,

This is an update on the College’s response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and I intend to send you another update tomorrow afternoon. As you know, we have been operating under a plan, designed and implemented by a team with diverse expertise, that includes:

  • constant monitoring with the assistance of multiple federal, state and organizational authorities;
  • proactive measures on campus designed to enhance the health and safety of our environment, including limiting certain events;
  • readiness to address any and all indications of infection by a student or employee; and
  • preparations for more significant changes in our learning modalities such as the dramatic expansion of online classes.

We are posting coronavirus information and updates on the College’s main website.

To date, we have been blessed by having no known cases of the virus in Grove City or the Western PA region. Our campus has been a safe place for our students to continue their callings to learn and grow. This is a unique time in their lives to enjoy the transformative experience I know we all greatly appreciate.

Yet, in God’s wise providence, disruptions do occur. Often they unfold in the lives of individual students who suffer injury or sickness and must withdraw from classes. Rarely do they occur for a school’s entire student body of the magnitude we are witnessing in the last few days. In this extraordinary situation, transitioning from business as usual to what may be an unprecedented alteration of our academic and student life program must be a step-by-step-process as we receive new information.

We have received valuable input from a variety of sources, including many excellent questions about how we will proceed under various scenarios. We are now working through these questions and formulating a revised plan with the support of our Board of Trustees. I expect we will have a significant update on this work by the close of business on tomorrow which I will then communicate to you.

Any major alteration in the life of our campus community is far from easy, especially for seniors who are looking forward to engaging in various activities in the final eight weeks of their college careers. This is just one reason why our plans must and will be carefully considered.

Please look for an update from me on Friday. And please pray for our work so that we will act with wisdom and courage. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

In His peace,

Paul McNulty

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